We take a common-sense approach to search engine placement and optimization. You may have stumbled across websites claiming that if you do these ten things, you will improve your search engine ranking. And it might be true – for a brief moment in time. Search engine employees visit these sites, too, in an effort to prevent people from manipulating the results, so the indexes constantly change the criteria needed for a good ranking.

So, if youre using a less-than-professional search engine placement company who employs all the latest tricks to get you good results, you could find your site suddenly dropped or banned.

However, there are many legitimate things that can be done to improve your rankings in a search engine. Primarily, you need lots of well-written, keyword-rich content. Mitey Kukey can help you here. We do a lot of research before we begin writing content for a website, to make sure that were using the keywords and phrases that people are using in their searches.

Then, we design your website around that content, so it can be indexed quickly and easily by search engines to get you the best results possible.

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