Start by asking: Why do I want a website? and, What do I want my website to achieve for me and my company?

If you cant answer either of those questions, then investing in a website might not be a wise thing to do. If youve thought about why you want a website and what you hope it will accomplish, then we can help demystify the design and technical process for you.

Our Website Planning Worksheet will help you figure out what you do and dont want, and its a good guideline for organizing your project and keeping it – and your web designer – on track. Even if you dont hire Mitey Kukey Design, take the document and use it. We think its that important.

Well help you make sense of it all; were not going to talk circles of buzz words around you; and we wont try and sell you a bunch of technology that you dont need.

We like a clean and simple approach to web design, and we like to keep the manure on the farm.

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Im not technically inclined and I find this website design stuff confusing. Where should I begin?

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