You could design your own website. But do you have a background in design? Do you know how to write HTML, or do you know how to use web design software?

We dont know the first thing about fixing cars, and we wouldnt dream of getting under the hood of ours.

In spite of all of the marketing hype by software vendors, do-it-yourself web design is not simple and easy. Its difficult and frustrating. It takes years of learning and practice, and the technology is changing all the time.

Besides, isnt your business too important to treat casually? Would you hand over your business taxes to a high-school accounting student?

Then why would you be so nonchalant with your website? It is, after all, something that can make a great first impression with potential new customers, or it can send them scrambling for the Back button.

Read our article: Do-It-Yourself Web Design.

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Cant I just design my own website?

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