A lot of people ask about the need to hire a full-time webmaster because they want to maintain their own websites. They think that employing a web designer or webmaster for every single change is going to cost a lot of money. And indeed, the costs can add up, if there are a lot of changes.

How you handle the updating of your site depends on a number of things. If youre looking at a small to moderate number of changes every month, we would be happy to do them for you at an hourly rate. And this is probably the smartest and most economical approach to maintaining your site, because if you let someone fiddle with your website, youre going to pay a lot more to have sloppy work and errors fixed.

If you are looking at a lot of editing of your website, or changes that need to happen in real time (like product inventories) then you might want to consider hiring someone on a more permanent basis, or looking at running a dynamic site, or using a product like Macromedias Contribute, which allows non-designers to maintain website content.

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Will I need a full-time webmaster to maintain my website?

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