There used to be a handful of domain name suffixes, and their purpose was to help organize the Internet. So, all government sites ended with .gov, and non-commercial organizations ended with .org, and so on.

But as domain name registration became deregulated, suddenly, suffixes like .biz, .info, and even country-specific codes like .ca or .us popped up. Registering your domain name across dozens of top-level domains became an expensive prospect.

Essentially, one domain should be enough. And indeed, if you register several variations of your domain name, what are you going to put on those sites? Duplicating your sites content will get you into trouble with search engines.

By and large, encouraging multiple, top-level domain registration is a money-making scheme for online registrars who often use scare tactics to slip deeper into your wallet; for example: Dont let people steal your traffic, register your .biz account now.

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What about .ca, .net or .org domain names, do I need one of those, too?

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