Once your website is built, you need some place to store it, a server that is connected to the Internet. A company that provides such a service is called a web host, and the service they provide is called website hosting.

There are thousands of web hosting companies all over the world, and their prices and levels of service vary – sometimes wildly.

The cost to host your website will depend on the size of your site, the amount of technology used on it, and how much traffic you expect.

A fairly small site like this one costs less than $10 a month to host. If you add some scripting languages to make forms work – or to add some interactivity to a site – you could be looking at $25–50 or more. And if youre hosting an adult site, a file-sharing site, or a busy e-commerce site that gets huge volumes of traffic with large bandwidth requirements, you could be looking at several hundred dollars.

We can help you determine what kind of hosting is best for your site. For more information online, read our article: Is Cheap Website Hosting Dependable?

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What is website hosting? How much does it cost?

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