A website could improve your bottom line. No one can make those kinds of predictions and promises; there are too many variables. However, ask yourself these questions: Is there a market for your website or product? Is that market already saturated? Is your website well designed and easy to navigate? Does you website provide your customers with all of the information they want? How is your website fairing in the search engine rankings?

The dot-com boom is over. The if-we-build-it-they-will-come days are finished. Getting traffic to your site – and converting it to sales – is hard work. Creating a website is the first step. But, its just one step. If youre going to forget about your website once its done, its not going to do much for you.

If youre looking for a get-rich-quick plan, then a website is probably not for you. Even adult sites, which used to be a guaranteed trip to the bank, are struggling to get – and keep – customers and make money.

Mitey Kukey can help you develop a marketing strategy so that your website doesn’t fade into an already overcrowded marketplace. We’ll give your website the attention it deserves. We’ll help get your site noticed. Read how weve helped other clients.

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Will my website improve my bottom line?

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