Yes, weve done some e-commerce sites. But e-commerce is a lot more than buying some software at Business Depot, and presto, youre in business.

You need to think about how the stock list is going to be maintained on your site? How will the orders be processed? How will the money will be transferred from your customers to you? Do you have your own merchant account? Are you already set up to accept credit cards? What if someone wants to pay by cash, cheque, or money order? Can your online ordering system handle that?

Do you want to process the orders and finances yourself? Can you afford to process the e-transactions yourself? Or would it be more economical to hire a third-party Internet billing company to handle your e-transactions? Is PayPal a viable option?

Who is going to handle customer inquiries and complaints? Oh yeah, and who is going to ship the orders? And how?

Were not trying to discourage you, we just want you to be aware that theres a lot more involved than they told you on the shopping-cart software box. Give us a call. Well help you sort it out.

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What about e-commerce and online shopping? Do you do that?

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