When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages?

You’d be surprised at how many of your local customers will find you through the Internet. A lot of times, people see the name of a company mentioned in a newspaper article, or on a television program, and off they go to their computers. People may want more information than a simple address and telephone number from the Yellow Pages.

People also use the Internet to do a lot of their pre-shopping research. They can peruse sites on the Internet, gathering information, without the hassle of having some sales clerk following them around, asking, May I help you?

And think about the costs of Yellow Page advertising in many or all of your major markets. Consider that a website will be accessible to almost anyone in the world who has a computer and an Internet connection. Can you afford that kind of print advertising? Those advertising dollars would be put to better use on a website that will work for you day and night.

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Most of my business is local. Wont people just look me up in the Yellow Pages?

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