We like to think that size is not an issue. In fact, we think that hiring a freelance web design company can work in your favour.

When you hire Mitey Kukey Design, youre not getting an army of sales, marketing, design, and technical staff, all housed in big designer-like offices, and using a ton of equipment. That army and their overhead has to be paid for somehow.

Because Mitey Kukey is a small web design company, we can not only keep your website project affordable, but we can give you the personalized service that might be lacking from a bigger design firm.

We have a large stable of other freelancers, in a variety of fields, that we can call on to assist with projects as needed. The beauty of this is that youre only paying for the people you need working on a project.

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Is it better to hire a freelance web designer or a big design firm?

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