Design time depends on a number of factors. Completing our Website Planning Worksheet will help determine the scope of your project so that we can give you a good estimate about the completion time.

If a websites design is simple and the amount of content is minimal, it can take as little as a week to finish. One of our clients websites – Koie – took three weeks to complete, and that included some downtime because the client was away on business.

For a freelance web design company, time is money, so we dont have a lot of time to waste hanging around the company water cooler, making you wait for your project.

We can tell you that the more people you bring in on a project, the longer it will take to complete. If we have to wait for your courier to deliver files, if we have to wait for your photographer, if we have to wait for your domain-name registrar ... well, you get the picture.

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How long will it take to get my site designed?

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