1. Why do I need a website?
  2. Do I really need a website?
  3. I find this website design stuff confusing. Where should I begin?
  4. Cant I just design my own website?
  5. Will I need a full-time webmaster to maintain my website?
  6. Can I maintain my own website?
  7. What is a domain name and how do I get one?
  8. What about .ca, .net, or .org domain names, do I need those, too?
  9. What is website hosting? How much does it cost?
  10. What is bandwidth?
  11. Can I see my website while its being developed?
  12. How much will my website cost?
  13. Will my website improve my bottom line?
  14. What about e-commerce and online shopping? Do you do that?
  15. Most of my business is local. Wont people use the Yellow Pages?
  16. My competitor has a Flash website. Shouldnt I have one, too?
  17. Do I need to hire a local web designer?
  18. Is it better to hire a freelance web designer or a big design firm?
  19. How long will it take to get my site designed?
  20. Who owns my website?
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Web Design Frequently

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