10 Reasons You May Need a Website
Launching a web presence for the right reasons

If we listened to the hype, wed all be wearing Air Jordans and Levis – unmentionables tucked away in our Calvin Kleins – calling everyone on our cell phone about our brand new, state-of-the-art website. Forget the sales pitch. You dont need a website because everyone else has one, because the media says your unconnected without one, or because some software giant tries to convince you that youre getting left behind.

Plenty of companies dont need a website. In thinking about yours, you need only ask one question: Will an online presence enhance my business? Here are some points that may help you answer that question.

1. A website can help promote your business

Your website is working for you all day, every day, all over the planet. And if your web designer has done his job, good search engine rankings will be pulling in traffic from places that, previously, you could have only fantasized about reaching. After all, who but the richest and biggest of companies can afford a worldwide advertising campaign?

The Internet makes reaching new customers and expanding into global markets feasible.

2. A website can put clients at ease

Doesnt the overly helpful, commission-eager salesperson pacing the floor drive you crazy?

With a website, customers can look around privately and anonymously without fearing theyre taking up too much time or asking stupid questions. Theyll be more at ease knowing that no sales clerk is hovering, ready to pounce.

The Internet gives people across the world – or right in your neighbourhood – an opportunity learn about you, your products and services, and at a pace thats comfortable for them. When theyre ready, they can click the buy now button or visit your store.

3. A web page is a virtual showcase

Cyber real estate is more economical than your bricks-and-mortar store or business. So, a website allows you to display all of your products – nothings hidden away in a storeroom because of limited floor space.

Your website can suggest how people may use your products and services, and it wont be seen as a hard sell. Potential customers can actually learn more about your goods from your website than a salesperson could ever tell them. And how many sales representatives would you need to do the job that a website could?

4. Improved service to clients

I use the Internet all the time to check my favourite bookstores for stock (and price) before I head off to buy it from the bricks-and-mortar store. If one doesnt have the book I want, then its a half hour walk to the other store. Searching both stores online helps me eliminate wasted travelling time and zero in on the best price.

Your website can give customers information that they would otherwise have to obtain by phoning or visiting your store. How many calls a day do you get for directions or for your address? By eliminating these repetitive and simple questions, you can move on to other things, and your customers will appreciate that you made their lives a little easier.

And an online presence gives your clients another way of contacting you and resolving their problems or concerns. Thats good customer service.

5. Do your competitors have a website?

Were not talking about keeping up with the Joneses or playing my site is better than yours. But, if your competitors are already online, they are expanding into markets that you just cant reach.

If you wait too long, your competitors might jump too far ahead of you. It might be financially impossible for you to launch a website that could compete with theirs.

6. Savings in print and advertising costs

Printing brochures, newsletters, catalogues, and instruction manuals is expensive. Your website makes it possible to eliminate some of your print costs, replacing it with e-mail and website content.

And how much of your printed material goes straight into the garbage? Thats a waste of your resources – and the planets. A website is an online brochure just waiting to be read anywhere, anytime – with no national or worldwide advertising campaigns to launch.

7. Enhanced marketing

The web can enhance your current marketing and advertising strategies. Imagine the size of the telephone call center supporting your national television ad campaign. Youd need hundreds, maybe thousands, of people manning the lines. With a website, open up the bandwidth and let the customers in. No busy signals, no sales representatives rushed off their feet. That sounds like better customer service.

Your website can be used to qualify sales leads, collect marketing and contact information, and any number of other things. You can even establish an affiliate program, letting other websites sell your products, but were getting ahead of ourselves here, so lets get that website up first.

8. Corporate image

Just a few years ago, a website was a status symbol that showed you were on the cutting edge – successful. Today, its becoming a must-have, and people almost look puzzled if you say you arent on the Internet.

9. Speed, speed, speed

Were a fast-paced, always-connected, instant gratification world – no one wants to wait for anything and were all too busy. Ordering online saves me time and allows me to continue working while the products Ive ordered are making their way to my home.

10. Increased alliances

A website can also help you get connected with your suppliers, related businesses, or others in your field, and this could all mean increased alliances working to get business to your door.


If youre feeling more certain about why you need a website, may we suggest you download a free copy of the Website Planning Worksheet. Itll help you through the very next important steps of planning exactly what you want your website to be and do. If you have any questions, or would like some assistance, please contact us at 416-960-8931 or by e-mail.

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