Full Search Engine Optimization

If you don't have the capacibility or resources of handling your website search engine optimizations (SEO) in-house, Mitey Kukey Design can do it for you. Our starting fee for search engine optimization is $2500, but can vary on the size of your website and the amount of content to be re-work.

Also, SEO requires that the content on your site be reformatted or rewritten, so if you website if completely image-based, i.e. Flash, then your website would need major reconstruction before optimization could take place, and that's not included in our based fee.

Our Search Engine Optimization package includes:

  • Usability Analysis – What does your site need?
    · browser compatibility
    · navigation
    · design and layout recommendations
    · download times and bandwith issues,
    · accessibility issues
    · broken links, spelling mistakes, badly written copy
  • Competitive Analysis – Keyword strategy
    · how are you stacked up against your competition
    · keyword analysis
    · which major search engines have indexed your site
    · how many pages are indexed
    · backward links or link popularity
    · review of your site's logs
  • Copywriting analysis
    · recommendations on improving site copy
    · keyword and phrase recommendations
    · detailed information about pertinent titles, tags, and other code
  • Specific recommendations
    · detailed list of recommendations
  • Implementation
    · writing of specific tags and titles
    · re-writing or re-working of your site's written content
  • Manual search engine submission
    · (if needed) to the top search engines offering free inclusion
  • Site Tune-up
    · you have a full 30 days to work with your site and compile a list of any minor revisions that need taking care of

Feel free to peruse our Testimonials section to see what our clients are saying about our SEO work. And if you're new to search engine optimization it would be good idea to read a couple of our articles in the Resources section so you have an understanding of what we're actually able to achieve. Giving you a guarantee search engine placement is not one of them.